The Ohio SBDC at Columbus State Community College (SBDC) is a member of the national America’s SBDC network.

“America’s SBDC network is a partnership that includes the U.S. Congress, SBA, the private sector, and the colleges, universities and state governments that manage SBDCs across the nation.”

The Ohio Small Business Development Centers at Columbus State Community College (SBDC) a public / private partnership supported in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Ohio Development Services Agency, Columbus State Community College, the City of Columbus and other local partners.

“The… story of how America’s Small Business Development Center Network grew — from a small pilot program to a nationwide business education and training infrastructure with nearly 1,000 centers throughout the nation providing management and technical assistance to over a million Americans annually — is a unique one. It chronicles the commitment of key federal lawmakers, training professionals, college and university officials, state and local policymakers, private and public sector partners, dedicated SBDC personnel, an active trade association and, most of all, the millions of small business men and women who have come to America’s SBDCs seeking to improve their lives through America’s free enterprise system.”

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